Fresh Lines' Voice Service Development

Google Home (Google) Amazon Echo (Alexa) iPhone (Siri)

Voice Service Interaction devices are becoming more prevalent in homes and offices around the world.  With Amazon’s and Google’s release of their public APIs, now third party developers like Fresh Lines can develop custom apps that work with these devices. Let Fresh Lines drive your Voice Service development. 

Ok Google, tell me the latest news from <your company>.

Google Home along with Google Assistant are sure to be mainstays in homes and offices everywhere in the next few years.  As home manufacturers get more compatible IoT devices, there will be a new market for custom phone apps that interact with these devices.  Don’t miss an opportunity to get your app in homes everywhere.

Hey Alexa, tell me the 4th quarter numbers from 2016

Skills, as Amazon calls their Amazon Voice Service applications, interact with the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Tap devices.  Fresh Lines can take your existing data and create a Skill that interacts with phones and all peripheral devices. 

Just imagine asking Alexa for a report from your Skill…

Hey Siri, tell me the current leaderboard for <your competition>

Since Apple opened the Siri SDK in 2016, third party developers can now build IoT apps that interact with her as well.  Envision a world where you can just ask your phone to turn your house lights off.  

Oh the possibilities!

Have Fresh Lines create your Voice Service App today!