Sharing Our Experience

We helped CCkids with their intranet site that handled many of their day to day tasks when dealing with their child welfare services. This work was done with Ruby on Rails, MySql, Sass, Haml, HTML5. It also included Amazon AWS (EC2,RDS, Inspector, IAM, ELB, WAF, VPC, S3, CloudWatch, SDK), solr search, job queues, penetration testing, Microsoft SQL/TSQL, SAP Business Objects, NAGIOS, JQUERY/JSON/javascript, git, Capistrano, Docker, and Certbot.


Finastra enables the financial services world, to deliver the future of banking. They offer applications that power financial institutions, marketplaces that accelerate industry & an open innovation platform for banks, fintechs & non-banks to connect and collaborate.

We helped them with their intranet that handled internal business processes. This was done in the lamp stack with PHP, Mysql, Apache, and Ubuntu.

Brand Tinker was a demo of our Angular work. With new businesses starting every day, the product solves the problem of trying to find a brand name that doesn't already exist. Simply enter in a name and Brand Tinker will display if the business name, domain name, and even copyright, already exist.

This product was an example of the RAMP Stack (Ruby on Rails, Angular, Mysql or Postgres). It has a Ruby on Rails API that Brand Tinker interacts with. The front-end is built using Angular with custom directives and components. The custom directives and components are extremely useful as they can be reused from project to project.


Weighmastery is the premiere online fishing tournament web app. The best feature of Weighmastery is that it’s a widget based tournament app. We create the customized tournament on the backend, provide the client with a widget which they place on their site. This drives all traffic to their website, allowing for advertising and marketing opportunities.

The marketing website was created in Wordpress. The App has a Ruby on Rails API and admin with a React.js frontend (coming soon!).

All of Fresh Lines’ hosting is done on the cloud using Amazon Web Services. Hosting on the cloud allows you to scale quickly in case of traffic spikes or known high traffic events.

We are familiar with many of the Amazon Web Services including EC2, S3, CloudFront, RDS, Auto Scaling, Glacier, Route 53, ELB, SNS, SQS and much more. Click here for a list of AWS architectures that might suit your needs.

Top Shot Calculator

Top Shot Calculator is a mobile app that was built for iOS and Android. This app was developed for fisherman to calculate the amount of line needed for fishing reels. The user inputs their information and the app automatically calculates the output the user needs. It also works with multiple measurement settings (metric, standard, KG and yards).

The app was developed using native iOS and native Android. The website was built using Wordpress.