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Our First Google Home Development Project


After using voice service devices for a bit now, I can see the potential in the Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Siri and other voice services.  I use Siri to shortcut tasks that take longer to type than they do to say, like setting reminders and calling people when I’m driving.  Once I realized the time it saves to use a voice service, I’ll never go back.

Having found the benefit of voice services, we decided to create our first app...

Back to the Basics of Web Marketing


Many people with marketing sites, especially in tech neutral industries, have mentioned a trend towards going away from the Web Marketing and back to traditional marketing techniques.  Even for some of my apps I have found grassroots door to door can be more effective than advertising and organic traffic on the web, AND I OWN A WEB DEVELOPMENT COMPANY.  I can attribute that to having industries that are tech neutral that need to be told what’s available.  You have to do that through grass roots.  So do you just give up on the web?  No.  People are still searching for services and products just like yours.  You just need to get back to the basics. 


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