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Our Dive into a Ruby development environment
on an M1 Mac

Picture of M1 Pro and M1 Max logos

The M1 processor has been around since 2020 and with it has come a small learning curve for those who have stuck with traditional development environments. The M1 chip no longer uses the x86 architecture but their own ARM architecure. This architecture is not compatible with the x86 software and if the software company didn't choose to upgrade, then you will have to let it be.

Small Bites into Polylithic Architecture

Female Nurse and Male Patient take a bite into a monolith

If there is a topic the engineering team loves discussing fiercely, it would be how software is designed. Over the years, we noticed a common software architecture appearing in projects, with a pragmatic and sensible approach to growing outward. What do you call a service oriented API that connects with many clients? We couldn’t find a suitable term for this new pattern, so we call it: Polylithic Architecture.

Our First Google Home Development Project, Part Two - Let's Get Technical

Welcome back! If you missed the first post on our initial Google Home Development Project, you can find it here. In Part Two, I will be diving deeper into the features of API.AI and the gotchas we ran into while developing the app.


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