Providing Web and Mobile Application Maintenance Services

Ongoing Support

Monthly Maintenance Contracts

After your site or app has been developed and launched, you may not need full time developers to keep it going. That is where we come in. Our application maintenance services will take over where your development team left off.

We work with Node.js, React.js, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Android and iOS. If you use a different tech, let us know. We are always eager to learn.

Our Process

  • Set aside the number of hours you want every month
  • Give us a call with any updates you have
  • We’ll knock out all requests quickly and efficiently
  • We also offer development by the hour if you are not ready to lock in a Maintenance agreement


  • 24 hour monitoring of your servers for uptime.
  • Quick response to get your site up and running if anything goes wrong.
  • If requested, you can be added to the alerts as well so you know everything that is going on.
  • We can create custom alerts for whatever stat you want to track.

If you still need full-time development, we suggest going with our New Projects service.

Rapid Response

We pride ourselves on quick update times. With multiple engineers there will always be a developer to help you out. Our rapid response keeps your project moving forward so it never feels stagnant.

Development Environment

We are experts at setting up development environments, Git schemes, and deployment strategies for custom apps. A few benefits of setting up a development environment include not having to touch production code while testing as well as allowing multiple developers to work on the project at the same time without stepping on each other's code. If your project has traction and is still in prototype mode, it's time to get serious about your development environment.

Want to learn more about our Maintenance Services? Contact Us