New Projects

Agile Development for New Projects

Why Choose Us?

When you have a new feature/project that needs to be implemented, we'll get it started on the right track. With over 17 years of experience, starting with waterfall and progressing to Agile development, we have perfected the process and quality code necessary to make your app succeed.

As opposed to traditional “pair programming”, each of our developers work on their own tickets and pair for more difficult problems.  They work next to each other providing feedback as they go. This increases speed of development as well as code quality.

We develop web apps in Node.js, React.js, Ruby on Rails, PHP and mobile apps in iOS and Android.

Our Process

  • Week 1 - Kickoff Meeting: We fully scope out your project, eliminate any unknowns, create tickets based on the scope, and get started.
  • Weekly Meetings: Meetings are held every Monday to go over completed tickets, to add any new features, and to keep the overall project on track.
  • Daily Email: At the end of each day we send an overview email of what was worked on that day, what we are doing next, and any questions we may have.
  • Handoff: After launch, we will provide you with a Runbook of all the details of your project. At this point your internal developers can run with the project or, if you’d like us to continue managing your site, we offer Maintenance services.

Why Agile?

Agile adapts to changes quickly. Quick iterations and feedback are core to the methodology. No longer are you waiting for an entire project to finish to give feedback and go through rounds of changes. Instead, you now give feedback on each feature as we complete it.

Constant communication is key to successful Agile projects. Therefore, we ask that a project manager be available during work hours for any questions.

Here are some resources related to agile:

MVP for the Win!

Minimum Viable Product

One of the biggest problems we find in new development projects is focusing too much time on irrelevant features and not enough time on feedback. The answer to this problem is to make sure you start with the minimum viable product (MVP). The MVP is a reduction in your feature set that still maintains the core idea. This gets us quicker to launch and then allows you to collect user feedback to drive your next set of features.

Lean, the Scientific Method and your Project

Food for thought

Along with MVP, it is critical to track stats related to the main features in your project. This way we can test theories to make it better. Say you are getting a bounce rate of 40% on a particular page. Knowing that rate helps you to hypothesize what might lower the bounce rate. We can then add that feature in some form of A/B test and truly find out if your hypothesis was right. This is applying the scientific method and is part of the Lean methodology.


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