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Brand Tinker is a demo of our Angular work. With new businesses starting every day, the product solves the problem of trying to find a brand name that doesn't already exist. Simply enter in a name and Brand Tinker will display if the business name, domain name, and even copyright, already exist.

This product is an example of the RAMP Stack (Ruby on Rails, Angular, Mysql or Postgres). It has a Ruby on Rails API that Brand Tinker interacts with. The front-end is built using Angular with custom directives and components. The custom directives and components are extremely useful as they can be reused from project to project.

Helping companies abstract and simplify processes is one of the things Fresh Lines does best. With Communities Connected for Kids, we gave their users easy UI’s to finish and manage their daily tasks. Their project also included complex interactions with importing and exporting spreadsheets and CSVs as well as MySQL database management. There was also a hefty amount of T-SQL and SQL server work.

Fresh Lines built their project using the standard Rails stack, which consisted of NGINX, Unicorn, Ruby on Rails and MySQL. We also leveraged Websolr search, Delayed::Job and Memcache.

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Embroidery solutions needed a custom E-commerce solution for their client stores as well as a custom CMS to manage their products. They also needed a creative way to display logos on many different types of apparel. The solution was to build a custom PHP based CMS that allowed them to manage products and orders.

The project was built using LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP) with Vanilla PHP. Vanilla just means without using a framework, which is an example of how Fresh Lines is able to work with all types of projects and can upgrade when necessary.

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Fresh Lines helps the Finastra Marketing Division manage their daily tasks through the use of a custom intranet and CMS. The CMS manages many front-end sites including Event Management, Newsletters, Careers, and more.

All of Finastra's projects are PHP based (LAMP Stack) with a custom MVC architecture. Fresh Lines manages their hosting through Amazon Web Services including S3 for asset management.

All of Fresh Lines’ hosting is done on the cloud using Amazon Web Services. Hosting on the cloud allows you to scale quickly in case of traffic spikes or known high traffic events.

We are familiar with many of the Amazon Web Services including EC2, S3, CloudFront, RDS, Auto Scaling, Glacier, Route 53, ELB, SNS, SQS and much more. Click here for a list of AWS architectures that might suit your needs. is the premiere Online Fishing tool. It let’s a user select the type of fish they are trying to catch and then walks them through the best lures, rigs, and techniques of how to catch it. The site also helps a user find out what fish they can catch when traveling to new waters. It’s great for beginners and masters alike.

Fresh Lines built the PHP based project using the CodeIgniter MVC Framework that interacts with a MySQL database. It has an easy to use custom CMS that manages all data, including the ability for users to add their own data to the site. A custom built approval process allows FishingMaster to quickly screen user entered data before it is added to the site.

Pocket is a widely used application that gives users the ability to save any article they read online to come back and read it later. They also have a great list of top articles they send out every week. It is an extremely useful and easy to use tool.

Fresh Lines parses articles for the application, which involves heavy DOM interaction using XPath to find specific sets of data within a given article. There is also heavy mastery of the HTTP Protocol and many plugins that current sites are using. As a bonus, we get an inside look at the latest design trends used by well known sites.

Sayfie Review is a high traffic news aggregation site. On the outside the website is very simple however, due to the high traffic, the backend is more complex. Fresh Lines uses heavy caching schemes to give blazing fast results to the end user. The site is built in Ruby on Rails with some PHP components and includes an API that sends data to their Android and iOS apps.

A plugin for Firefox was also built that gives admins the ability to save their articles to the site by right clicking on the article and saving the URL. This allows for quick browsing and collection while searching for great articles.

The Central Florida Offshore Anglers is a non-profit organization that helps teach fisherman as well as donates to fishing related causes, such as artificial reefs and fishing programs for kids. They came to Fresh Lines needing custom add-ons for their website and help with automation. They had an existing CMS that they liked however, like most content management systems, it was limited.

One of the add-ons Fresh Lines built was a Sponsor Management tool. This allowed CFOA to easily enter sponsors and display them on different parts of their sites. This was built using Ruby on Rails with a Postgres database. We also leveraged S3, CloudFront, and browser caching to load a page with 90 sponsor images in under a second.

We also designed a front-end website for their tournament This is an example of a vertical design with an eye catching graphic and many micro-interactions which give a great experience to the user.

Weighmastery is the premiere online fishing tournament web app. The best feature of Weighmastery is that it’s a widget based tournament app. We create the customized tournament on the backend, provide the client with a widget which they place on their site. This drives all traffic to their website, allowing for advertising and marketing opportunities.

The marketing website was created in Wordpress. The App has a Ruby on Rails API and admin with a React.js frontend (coming soon!).